News from Yudha

Yudha studies Polytechnics. He has two more years to go. He recently sent this message to our treasurer Theo Buijten. Hello pak Theo, nice to meet you through e-mail. It’s such an honour receiving an email an support from you as a treasurer of pak Wil’s...

Message from Yudha

Yudha sent us this message: Dear mr. Wil, Thank you very much for the donation that you gave to me, so that I can continue my study for Polytechnic at the University of Padang. I promise to do everything in the right way and I never shall neglect the opportunity to...

Students are doing well

During his stay in Sumatra last September, chairman Wil Tjoa spoke with some of the students we support. Marcel told him: “It’s going well with my law study and I hope to finish this study next August 2017. Thanks for your support and financial help sofar.”...

Four graduations

In 2016, 4 students who received financial support from foundation “Every Little Bit Helps” , completed their studies succesfully: Karina, Mario, Enggar and Mahammad.

Study trip Marcel

Student Marcel sent this message to Wil Tjoa. “Dear Oom Wil, I have visited many interesting places in Malaysia and Thailand, like Petronas Twin Tower, Genting Highland, Batucave, and also to Malacca and Johor Bahru, and then to Hatyai, one of the province in...

Rain causes trouble for Abdi Kasih

Our chairman, mr. Wil Tjoa, recently visited Abdi Kasih, the school for children with special needs, and saw that our help is really necessary. Because of building activities nearby, the school’s drainage and sewer systems must be connected to those of the...


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