our purpose

heartThe aim of the Foundation “Every Little Bit Helps” is: contributing to the education of Indonesian children and youngsters. As education is the basis for the development of a country, the Foundation – in cooperation with local organisations – gives financial support to schools and students in Sumatra.

The funds needed for our goals are donated by private people as well by companies and other social organisations.
The founder of “Every Little Bit Helps” is Wil G.K. Tjoa. He was born in Indonesia, but has lived in The Netherlands since 1951. Over the last 20 years he regularly visited Indonesia and in 2005 he met Dr. Manoocher Tahmasebion who manages Foundation “Yayasan Bhinekka Tunggal Ika” (YBTI) in Medan. Through YBTI 15 kindergartens are supported. Seven kindergartens are in remote areas in North Sumatra (near the Aceh border) and eight are situated on the island of Siberut, part of the Mentawai Archipelago in West Sumatra. More than 900 children go to these 15 kindergartens. It is Dr. Manoo who asked Wil Tjoa to help and support his foundation with educational materials. Tjoa collected €825,- from his Dutch network for YBTI. This collaboration continued and expanded, resulting in support not only for the kindergartens but also for students whose parents cannot afford to pay tuition fees for higher education schools. In 2007 Wil Tjoa officially registered Foundation “Every Little Bit Helps” through the notary office and the Chamber of Commerce.

“A good deed never gets lost; help anybody whoever he or she is.”
(Non si perde servigio mai nessuno, servi qualunque e non guarder chi sia).
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