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globalYayasan Bhinekka Tunggal Ika
The Foundation collaborates closely with Yayasan Bhinekka Tunggal Ika (YBTI). This name means “Foundation Unity By Diversity”.

YBTI Office

YBTI states: ‘We believe that Education is the key to the betterment of society, and true education, beginning with children in early childhood, will lead to a gradual change in the lives of the people. To achieve this aim the Foundation adopts a holistic approach to educating youth and children, integrating physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions, with an emphasis on moral principles and virtues demonstrated in language and action.’
YBTI manages 18 kindergartens, situated in remote areas in Central and West Sumatra and Siberut/Mentawai, where over 1000 children receive education. YBTI also organizes training for the teachers.
More information: www.ybtiuniversal.org

“Abdi Kasih”, a school for students with special needs

Pupils and caretakers in Abdi Kasih

Pupils and caretakers in Abdi Kasih

Since january 2016, “Every Little Bit Helps” also collaborates with “Abdi Kasih”. In this (boarding) school, 80 children from 8 to 16 years old who have physical or mental disabilities, like autism or Down syndrome, receive lessons, adapted to their needs. There are 14 specialized teachers and about 20 caretakers in the school. The pupils stay in the school during the week and go home on the weekends. This model helps them become less isolated, they are with friends and have a better chance in society.



Lisa Chandra
Foundation “Every Little Bit Helps” grants, are managed by Ms. Elisabeth Chandra, a cousin of Mr. Wil Tjoa. She is a professional administrator. Lisa Chandra takes care that each student gets his or her money on time.

She says: ‘It’s a privilege for me to help your foundation, knowing how important study is for the youth in Indonesia. In this country there’s only a chance for them to get a good job after having finished the study successfully.
All the parents of children who are financially supported by your foundation appreciate your work very much. Those children are taking up their study in a serious way and because of your support they will finish their study more easy than otherwise. None of the parents of the students are able in financing their studies by their own.
I feel being a part of your foundation and though the distance between Holland and my country is far away but with our present way of communications our world becomes smaller. I pray and do hope that your work will be enlightened by the support of your benefactors.’