Your donations can be used for three goals.

Donations for “Abdi Kasih”, a school for students with special needs

Dining room Abdi Kasih

Dining room Abdi Kasih

This school specializes in teaching pupils who have various kinds of disabilities. 80 children aged 8-16 receive education, tailored to their own needs. The packets of materials that are needed here cost about € 50,-.

Apart from the regular lessons, pupils are educated in growing vegetables and taking care of fish: learning by doing.

Any amount of money is welcome!



Donations for Yayasan Bhinekka Tunggal Ika (YBTI)

The teachers at the YBTI schools organize their lessons on the basis of a handbook. Materials they use are:
– various kinds of (colored) paper
– story books
– educational dvds
– drawing materials like colored pencils, pastels, feltpens etc.

One packet of these materials costs about € 50,-. Any other amount is also welcome. Every little bit helps!


Recently we contributed to the installation of solar cells on the roofs of 2 schools and the office building of YBTI in Siberut.


Donations to support students in highschools and universities

Going to highschool or university in Indonesia costs a lot of money. Poor families cannot afford this. We make it possible for their talented children to obtain a diploma that gives them good opportunities in Indonesian society. Any amount of money contributes to their succes!

If you want to make a donation, you can choose one of these 3 goals, or you can leave the choice to us. We will use the money where we feel it is most needed.

Our bank account number for The Netherlands (IBAN) is NL66 RABO 0139 8398 87 in name of Stichting Alle Beetjes Helpen (Edam).
In Indonesia please transfer to account number 571.2.04237.3 at Bank Panin in name of Ibu Kuiantri Gosali (Padang/West Sumatra).